Telenor StartIoT and N91

We do testing with Telenor StartIoT with a Nordic Thingy N91 and have followed this: tutorials/05-thingy-get-started at master · TelenorStartIoT/tutorials · GitHub
We get data into both “Nordic Semiconductor LTE Link monitor” and, but is unable to get data into Telenor MIC.

What could be wrong?

Ho @mats

first up, really sorry for the delay in replying! but welcome to the community!

some questions that will help narrow it down

  1. which MIC Instance do you have a user for and where you have created the thing
  2. which application are you running on the thingy - i see you are using nRFCloud, are you trying to use Asset Tracker with MIC?


Hi @mats

img_fota_dfu_hex/thingy91_nbiot_2021-03-04_8e8c6089.hex Asset tracker firmware for nRF9160, NB-IoT network mode

is the asset tracker firmware specifically constructed by Nordic for use with nRF Cloud (though they have builds for AWS and Azure) - as such it is not directly compatible with Telenor’s IoT Cloud; however we have a sample application you can use :slight_smile:

you can find the repo here: GitHub - TelenorStartIoT/thingy91-nrf9160-dev-kit-coap: Thingy:91 / nRF9160 dev-kit CoAP example code (LTE-M or NB-IoT)

to use this, you will need to have a build env for Zephyr/NCS; you can find instructions on that in the repo as well, though please be aware that if you are inexperienced in Zephyr/NCS there are some gotchas, and I strongly recommend using a venv when setting up.

the sample application in the repo above use CoAP instead of MQTT. It is possible to modify the Asset Tracker to work with IoT Cloud, however it is not trivial.

hope that helps!

hi @mats - did the above make sense? :slight_smile: