Location service


Do the Telenor mobile network support cell-based location collection ?
The modem Sara R410 support this, but nothing returned :

+ULOC: 0,0,0,0,0,0
+CGACT: 1,1 # PDP on
+cops: 0,0,“N Telenor Telenor”,9

Hi @okvittem!

Welcome to the forum! Few quick questions -

Which variant of the Sara r4 are you using? (SARA r410-xxx-yy what is the xxx & yy? If you are using an Arduino nb 1500 it will probably be 02B-00; you can look at the top right of the modem sticker)

Which SIM are you using? am I correct in assuming it’s from Telenor Norway?

ULOC can work with a GNSS receiver, but given your question I assume you just have the cellular modem and are looking to use CellLocate?


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