CaOP settings - Dragino N95 NB-Iot

Hi there!

I am trying to connect a Dragino N95S31B.

There is a limited amount of info in the docs, at: Provision a NB-IoT Device - Managed IoT Cloud
This shows how to set the server side, I suppose, but I do not find any settings for the unit.

By doing a bit of digging, I found: GitHub - TelenorStartIoT/arduino-dev-kit-coap: Arduino (MKR NB 1500) dev-kit CoAP example code (LTE-M or NB-IoT)
This gives a bit on gateway and endpoint and other settings. I remember that I had the same issue when wanting to connect an MQTT unit. No info on how to configure it, had to snoop around in code examples. (Why are not the configs explicitly stated somewhere? Have I missed an important page?)

So, back to my unit, I try to configure it through AT-commands. So I do:
This sets it to CoAP and gives server and port. However, I am unsure how to set endpoint, and if there are other settings I need (APN?). There is the option to use “AT+URI” to set several options. Can this be the solution?

The unit can also be configured to use UDP, TCP or MQTT. Unfortunately, it cannot use TSL for MQTT.

What would be the easiest way to connect it?